Specialized Field

Industry Translation

Providing optimal language solutions for the needs of globalizing businesses

Industrial translation supports the globalization activities of a wide range of industries from major manufacturers in auto, electronics, precision machinery, railway and aerospace, to non-manufacturers such as energy, IT and communications.

In these areas, such as in the translation of procedure and specification documents to be used in factories, high volumes of text must be translated in short periods of time. Leading technology and resources allow Honyaku Center to scale services to fit your volume, turnaround, and cost requirements, and our specialized translators and expert staff ensure quality translation.

Examples of documents we translate

R&D, planning and design

Specifications, standards (maker standards, international law and standards, and the like), technical literature, test plan and reports, schematics and drawings, etc.

Production and , QC, implementation and maintenance service

Operating procedures, instruction manuals, failure report, internal educational/training materials, laws and regulations (process management, quality control, safety and labor management), manufacturing safety data sheets, etc.

Sales and marketing

Product data sheets, brochures and catalogues, websites, documents for trade shows, news release, company information pamphlets, presentations for sales promotion, gallery exhibition related, market research reports, etc.

Non-manufacturing related

Tender specifications, agreement/contract, educational/training materials for users, meeting materials and minutes, reports (for internal/external communication, and for regulating authorities), industry specific regulations and ordinances, academic papers, questionnaires, internal notices, etc.

Other Services

Grammar Check
(editing service)


(Translators and interpreters)

VISA Application

We offer services in

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai

and many other languages (please contact us for details).

Domain specialized services and expert translators

Beginning as a medical and pharmaceutical translation company in 1986, Honyaku Center has since expanded to include patent, industry, finance and legal, and localization divisions. Each specialized division offers services tailored to their respective fields.

  • Patent

    Application-related, court-related, other

  • Medical

    Basic research and non-clinical, clinical development, approval, post-marketing

  • Industrial

    R & D planning, production and quality assurance, sales and marketing, non-manufacturing industries

  • Finance & Legal

    Financial, Legal, performance disclosure materials-related, corporate, other

  • Localization

    Documentation, IT-related, game-comics-related


Choose Asia’s #1 translation company for your Japanese translation needs.

Honyaku Center works with clients in a wide range of domains including automotive, machinery, electronics, medical and pharmaceutical, patent, legal, accounting, government, education, R&D, and more.
Our performance has earned us the #1 rank in terms of revenue in the Asia section of “The Top 100 Language Service Providers in 2017” for six years straight since 2012.


Achieving high efficiency and quality using translation technology

Actively implementing Translation technology

Honyaku Center has been actively deploying translation technology to improve efficiency and quality. About 50% of projects company-wide use computer assisted translation software, and this has improved turnaround times, reduced cost, and improved quality for our clients.



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