About Honyaku Center Inc.

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Honyaku Center Inc. aims to provide flexible, quality services to support our client’s globalization activities

4400 Companies

Honyaku Center supports the globalizing businesses of manufactures in auto, mechanical, electronics, pharma, and other fields, as well as highly specialized businesses in the fields of patent, law, finance, R&D and education.

64000 Projects annually

Honyaku Center handles a wide variety of document types, such as patent specification and drug application documents, technical documents, R&D documents, and contracts and litigation articles, to meet the needs of our client’s global business.


Rank 1st language service provider in Asia 5 years in a row

In addition to our industry leading position in Japan, Honyaku Center has been ranked #1 in terms of revenue in the Asia section of “The Top 100 Language Service Providers” market survey for 6 consecutive years.

Rank 15th largest language service provider in the world

Honyaku Center is ranked #14 in the world in the 2017 edition of “The Top 100 Language Service Providers” market survey.

Client Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction 90%

Through the use of CAT tools to maintain quality, efficient processes to keep cost down, and transparent work flows to keep our clients informed, Honyaku Center can provide solutions to various client needs.

Repeat Clients 70%

At Honyaku Center, not only do we work to ensure high quality, we provide thorough aftercare. To maximize customer satisfaction, we also ensure that client feedback is incorporated to constantly improve our service. That’s what keeps our clients coming back.


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