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As a leading company in the translation industry,
Honyaku Center continues to be growth-oriented
and is still expanding

Shunichiro Ninomiya, President, Honyaku Center Inc.

Shunichiro Ninomiya, President
Honyaku Center Inc

Honyaku Center was founded in 1986 as a medical translation company. As we grew and expanded into other fields, we have continued to provide the specialized translation services our clients rely on for their growth and globalization. More than just translation, we are equipped to provide a full range of professional language services such as interpreting, personnel placement and global staffing services, interpreter and translator education, and international conference planning and execution. This dedication to comprehensive solutions is what has made us a leading company in the translation industry.

Shunichiro Ninomiya, President

Corporate Chronology

April 1986
Medical Honyaku (Translation) Center Inc. is established to provide specialized medical and pharmaceutical translation services mainly to clients in the Kansai region.
September 1988
Translation services expand into the Industrial sector.
August 1997
Translation services expand into the Patent sector.
April 1998
Translation services expand into the Financial & Legal sector.
June 2003
Medical writing services launched.
April 2004
Personnel dispatch services launched.
October 2004
International Documentation Center Inc. (IDC) became a wholly owned subsidiary by stock transfer.
April 2006
Honyaku Center becomes listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange "Hercules" Standard Index (Now Tokyo Stock Exchange "Jasdaq Standard”)
November 2006
HC Language Solutions, Inc. is established as a subsidiary in California, U.S.A.
August 2008
Joint-venture HC Beijing Inc. is established in China.
October 2008
HC Language Careers Inc. is established, specializing in temporary staffing for the language services industry.
December 2010
FIPAS Inc. is established, specializing in overseas patent application filing and support.
September 2012
ISS, INC. became a wholly owned subsidiary.
April 2013
To consolidate our staffing business, HC Language Careers Inc. has been merged with ISS, INC. (HC Language Careers has been absorbed.)
October 2014
Panacea Inc., a medical writing company, is established.
April 2015
Language One Corporation is established as a joint venture with Q&A Corporation.
April 2016
International Documentation Center Inc. (IDC) is merged with Honyaku Center Inc.
October 2017
Acquired stake in Mirai Translate, Inc.
November 2017
Media Research, Inc. became a group company
February 2018
Established Tokyo Head Office (Joint headquarters system with Osaka Head Office)