Other Language Services

In addition to our leading translation services, Honyaku Center offers a full range of related and other language services
to meet the diverse needs of modern global business.

  • Interpreters


    Group company ISS Inc. can arrange specialized, professional interpreters for virtually any business setting.

  • Medical Writing

    Medical Writing

    CSR and CTD document preparation and QC (3rd party review) services.

  • Multilingual Contact Center

    Multilingual Contact Center

    Call center supporting Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.Group company LanguageOne Corporation. providing above services.

  • Foreign Patent Applications

    Foreign Patent Applications

    One-stop service for patent applications, from document translation to the application process.Group company FIPAS Inc. providing above services.

  • VISA Application Documents

    VISA Application Documents

    Translation of documents required to apply for marriage, work, residency, study abroad, and other visas.

DTP, Printing, Document, and
E-book Translation Related Services

  • Pamphlets & Catalogues

    Pamphlets & Catalogues

    Naturally reading text by expert translators experienced in a wide range of industries. DTP also available.

  • Press Releases & Newsletters

    Press Releases & Newsletters

    Knowledgeable translators produce quick turnaround, high quality translations for your time-sensitive information.

  • Presentation Documents

    Presentation Documents

    Concise and highly readable translations to help your presentations go smoothly.

Media & Digital Content Related Translation

  • Computer Games

    Computer Games

    Our translators strive to convey the style and character of each game to make them seem as little like translations as possible.

  • Apps


    Experienced translators create localized text for a seamless experience in other languages and markets.

  • Web Sites

    Web Sites

    Full-service website translation, including html, sound, and image editing.


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