About Honyaku Center Inc.

Cat Tools &
Machine Translation

Achieving high efficiency and quality using translation technology

Use of translation technology enables us to offer our clients savings in both turnaround times and cost,
while maintaining translation quality.

Cat tools are an integral part of our translation and localization services.

CAT (Computer-assisted translation) tool software greatly improves efficiency in the translation process. These tools help automate and improve aspects of the translation process by analyzing text to identify word and phrase repetitions, among other metrics, and applying translation memory and terminology bases to greatly improve the speed, accuracy and consistency of translations, particularly for large scale projects with multiple translators and on-going projects.

Honyaku Center strategically employs a wide range of CAT tools to improve workflow efficiency and translation quality.

Honyaku center is deploying field and text type appropriate machine translation solutions.

Effective use of machine translation relies on specific translation corpora and machine translation engines being applied to the appropriate field or text types they are best suited to. At Honyaku Center, we strive to continually learn from the latest technology developments as well as our clients’ needs, and define the best practices for Japanese/English machine translation use.

Leveraging our strengths as Asia's largest translation company, we combine a wealth of English/Japanese translation corpora and machine translation engines with expert translation editors to provide flexible solutions that reduce turnaround times and costs.


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