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Privacy Policy

Honyaku Center Inc. acknowledges the importance of protecting personal information and observes laws and regulations governing personal information and personal information protection.

Personal Information
  Personal information includes name, age, gender, address, email address, telephone number, birth date, academic and occupational history and all other information that could identify an individual.
Collecting Personal Information
  Personal information is not collected without permission. When personal information is collected, it is so done only when submitted by the user of their own free will.
Personal information may be used for any of the following purposes
  - Improving service and efficiency
- Selecting contractors upon accepting work
- Managing assets and liabilities, and for payments
- Managing tax and insurance responsibilities
- Sharing contractor profiles with the clients
- For administrative work regarding contracts with contractors and clients
- Sending information and notifications
- Researching and analyzing work related data
- Responding to inquiries and consultations
- Canceling transactions and managing cancellations after the fact
- Execution of services required by law
- Executing services with contractors and clients adequately and smoothly.
Sharing of Personal Information among Honyaku Center Group Companies
Personal information provided to us may be shared among the below listed Honyaku Center Group companies;
- HC Language Solutions, Inc.
- International Documentation Center Co., Ltd.
- HC Beijing Inc.
- Fipas Inc.
- Panacea Inc.
- LanguageOne Corporation.
(1) The scope of information sharing:
- Information entered into the "Freelance Translator Trial Application Form" posted on our website.
- Information entered into Honyaku Center Group company recruitment forms for all career opportunities posted on our website.
(2) Purpose of sharing information:
- To carry out general administrative functions related to subcontracting applications to Honyaku Center Group companies for all work categories.
- To carry out general administrative functions related to announcements and notifications.
- Furthermore, information may be disclosed to perform services pursuant to laws and regulations.
(3) Primary administration of information sharing
  Primary administration related to sharing of personal information provided to us will be undertaken by Honyaku Center Inc.
Disclosing Personal Information
  Personal information will not be disclosed to any third party without the permission of the party in question. However, personal information may be disclosed or shared where required by law.
Managing Personal Information
  Personal information provided is stored in a secure environment. Precautions are taken to prevent data from being destroyed, altered or leaked.
Referencing and Correcting Personal Information
  Please contact us if you wish to reference or to correct your personal information.
Changes to the Privacy Policy
  Contents of the Privacy Policy may be altered as deemed necessary. Please refer to the latest information when using this site.
  For inquiries regarding personal information or its handling, please contact us at info@honyakuctr.co.jp.

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy
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