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About Honyaku Center Inc.

As a leading company in the translation industry, Honyaku Center continues to be growth-oriented and is still expanding

Since 1986, Honyaku Center Inc. has consistently developed services from the customer's perspective.
In an environment where the importance of translation services in all fields of industry is constantly growing in step with economic globalization, we have expanded from our initial footholds in the industrial, medical and pharmaceutical fields into patent, financial and legal translation. By accumulating unrivaled expertise in each of these fields, we have attained a leading position in the translation services industry.
Honyaku Center possesses its proprietary developed translation platform that enables the company to optimally provide the key customer service elements of quality, price and speed, therefore fulfilling our customers' specific requirements as far as possible.
We have a strong operational base including approximately 6,200 translators with seasoned experience in a range of fields, and business centers deployed in Japan's major urban hubs: Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.
Always growth-oriented and expanding, Honyaku Center is a company in which you can place full confidence.

Ikuo Higashi, President        

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