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At Honyaku Center, we adhere to a management principles that put a firm emphasis on compliance (i.e. observance of laws and regulations, as well as ethical practices). For this idea to translate into action, we have implemented a Code of Conduct to act as a guideline to illustrate the attitude and conduct that is expected of each and every employee in a corporation aiming to contribute to society as a whole.
Honyaku Center Group Code of Conduct
1. Adherence to the rule of law and ethical practices
  As a corporate citizen belonging to a diverse society, we are committed to fair business practices based on the rule of law and ethical standards.
2. Continuing promotion of customer service and satisfaction
  We strive to serve with promptness and sincerity, while keeping the client’s perspective in mind, to provide translation products and other related services that meet our client’s needs. We continually work to enhance product and performance quality to maximize client satisfaction.
3. Respect for our translators and partners
  We recognize that maintaining a good and collaborative relationship with our business partners and translators is indispensable to corporate development. Therefore, business is always conducted with respect and appreciation for our translators and partners, along with whom we develop and grow.
4. Creating an ideal working environment
  We consider all of our employees to be our most important assets. As such, and to foster individual abilities to their fullest, we strive to maintain a working environment that is healthy and lively, and one in which exists mutual respect for individuality and diversity.
5. Appropriate disclosure of information
  In order to maintain trust and a clear understanding from all our stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, corporate information deemed necessary, such as financial statements and business reports, shall be disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner in order to maintain corporate management transparency.
6. Management of client and personal information
  Any and all personal information and client information shall be managed strictly, with the utmost care, and shall be used for business purposes only. Personal information shall not be disclosed to any third party unless specifically required by law.
7. Proactive measures toward environmental issues
  As a corporate citizen in a globalized society, we understand the importance of preserving the global environment. Each and every employee shall take responsibility for abiding by applicable environmental protection laws and regulations, as well as our own corporate environmental policy, which aim to reduce environmental burden on and preserve the natural environment.
Compliance activities
  In order to properly execute compliance-based management at Honyaku Center, a dedicated compliance committee has been established. This committee serves as the point of contact for all inquiries and information related to laws, regulations and ordinances, and any breach thereof. Preventive and mitigative measures, as well as plans of action should an issue arise, are studied and notices and educational material for all company officers and employees are prepared by the committee.
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