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Chinese Translation

- The right Chinese translation is one of the first steps in international success -

Honyaku Center Inc. offers high precision Chinese translation, taking advantage of years of translation experience. We employ full-time native Chinese staff to offer high quality, low cost and quick Chinese translation for everything from general documents to specialized technical literature to full support for your business in China.
We are capable of handling all of your Chinese translation needs with care, making us your ideal partner for language solutions for your Chinese business development.

Principal Chinese Translation Work
Contracts and regulations for mergers and partnerships with Chinese firms
Standard operating procedures, specifications, workflow for Chinese manufacturing plants
Product pamphlets, manuals
Patent publications, patent specifications
Medical instruments, academic medical articles
Chinese translation proofreading, Chinese text entry, layout & DTP
We propose plans that meet your needs.
High Quality
Translation is handled by native Chinese translators. In addition, experienced staff members in each field conduct professional checks, and specialized operators handle the layout.
Low Cost
Cost is minimized by the cooperation between our Japan-based staff and China-based staff.
We have an efficient communications network in place to provide estimates, consultation and the final product in a timely manner.
We treat your company's material with the utmost care, by maintaining strict adherence to non-disclosure agreements and providing a secure system to protect your documents.
Long-Term Capabilities
We can handle large scale and long-term projects smoothly by, for example, creating a glossary of terms to standardize translations.
Translation fees vary based on field, content, volume and continuity.
We do our best to be flexible within your budget. Please feel free to contact us with inquiries or for an estimate at our Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya office, or use our on-line Estimate Request Form or Information Request Form.

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