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Financial Translation

Honyaku Center Inc. specializes in the following four fields: medical/pharmaceutical, patent, industrial and financial translations.

Financial Translation
Main Translating Documents
Honyaku Center's Financial/Legal Translation division provides financial translations for foreign financial institutions, as well as domestic securities, banking and insurance firms, law offices, investment advisers, think tanks, and consulting firms. Because we handle translations that require a high degree of specialized knowledge in finance and law, such as analyst reports, disclosure documents, contracts and internal regulations, we employ translators and checkers with substantial experience in financial institutions and law offices to ensure quality.
With personal privacy protection laws in effect, companies are taking more care when sharing confidential information with outside firms. In some cases, large volumes of documents may be translated on-site, and clients may have translators report to them directly. To prepare for such cases, in 2004 we received permission under the worker dispatch law to provide on-site translator/ interpreter services. Our translators are knowledgeable about their fields, with experience working with various types of financial institutions.
Security Reports,
Business Reports
Notice of Shareholders' Meeting
Financial Results Financial Statements
Prospectus Audit Report
Annual Reports Press Releases
Results Briefing Documents Company Information
Articles of Incorporation Compliance,
Accounting/Financial Documents Board of Directors Meetings
Conference Minutes
Internal Auditing Documents Training Materials
Market Research Reports Stocks/Bonds
Operation Reports
Contract Documents Litigation Documents
FSA Submission Documents Academic Papers
Also, Honyaku Center is developing translation for the investor relations field, to fulfill the needs of corporations and IR-related production companies. In partnership with outside production companies and individual writers, we are developing a one-stop IR service that encompasses planning, translation and printing.

Analyst Reports/Operational Documents
We handle financial translations for stocks, bonds, and investment trust description reports and operation reports. We also provide translations of marketing research material.

Disclosure Materials/IR and PR
To respond to increased disclosure requests and the increase in overseas investors, we offer translations of disclosure documents including financial results, Notice of Shareholders' Meeting, securities reports and prospectuses, as well as annual reports and press releases.
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Contracts, Legal Documents/Office Regulation and Compliance Materials
We translate a wide range of materials, from general documents such as non-disclosure agreements and subcontracting agreements, to specialized and large-scale tasks such as stock transfer contracts, licensing agreements and merger contracts. We also handle official documents such as articles of incorporation, company registers and office regulation and compliance materials.

On-Site Translators/Interpreters
We provide on-site translator staffing for highly confidential documents that you may want to avoid providing to outside firms. Translators will work on-site and receive instructions directly from you. Interpreter services are also available.

Translation Trial (Free Sample Translation)
We offer translation trials (about 130 words in English, 400 characters in Japanese) for first-time orders, large orders, and continuing orders. Because you can confirm the quality of the translation beforehand, you can feel secure placing an order with us. Please contact our Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya office for further details.

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